Eating Out: Brunch at The Milestone


Last Saturday after a tiring morning of food and drink shopping we stopped off at the Milestone for a spot of lunch. This place has a firm place as one of my favourite places to eat in Sheffield, it can never go wrong. I just love the food, the atmosphere, the local sourcing, the ever changing seasonal menu and now the fact that it suits dining at any meal time. We have previously only eaten here as an evening meal, mainly between the hours of 5 and 7 where you can get 2 courses plus a drink for £14, but today was venue of choice for lunch or as we found out on arrival, brunch. Although we were dining at lunch there was still a number of menus to choose from, the lunch a la carte, brunch menu or set Saturday lunch menu were 2 could dine 2 courses and bottle of prosecco for £19. Choices choices.


What we ate: Although the set lunch menu looked great and very tempting (plus the prosecco was calling) I decided that my eyes were in fact being too big for my belly (as they say) and I was driving so just opted for a Chicken Club Sandwich. I can tell you this wasn’t just a sandwich, the bread was lovely and soft with the crispest tastiest crust, the chicken and the bacon tasted fresh and were full of flavour and the egg mayonnaise was lovely and subtle, which is great considering I don’t like eggs.


The boy opted for a full Milestone breakfast came with everything including homemade beans which were just a delight, he was very pleased in deed.


What we Drank: After all the beer shopping, we were in a beer kind of mood so opted for the local Pale Ale from Welbeck.

Overall the meal was fantastic, the atmosphere was great and service was brilliant and all for just over £14, absolute bargain. Will definitely be ‘brunching’ here again.

Mr Pickles Yorkshire Food Emporium

This Saturday we took a trip down to Sheffield’s vintage quarter at Abbeydale Road and  visited Mr Pickles Yorkshire Food Emporium. I’d been eager to visit this place ever since I had read about it and wasn’t disappointed with the offerings. Everything on sale is from local producers around Yorkshire, there was so much on offer I was spoilt for choice on what to spend my pennies on. There was a variety of delights from ice cream to gin (sheffield brewed gin) to bread to chutneys to butter to meat to cheese to vegetables just to name a few.

wpid-20140927_115749.jpgwpid-20140927_115236.jpgwpid-20140927_115224.jpgwpid-20140927_115232.jpg wpid-20140927_115356.jpgwpid-20140927_115402.jpgwpid-20140927_115352.jpgwpid-20140927_115458.jpgwpid-20140927_115507.jpgwpid-20140927_115515.jpgwpid-20140927_115558.jpgwpid-20140927_115728.jpgwpid-20140927_115730.jpgwpid-20140927_115838.jpgwpid-20140927_115918.jpgwpid-20140927_120005.jpgwpid-20140927_115922.jpgwpid-20140927_120016.jpgwpid-20140927_120046.jpgwpid-20140927_120059.jpgwpid-20140927_120048.jpgwpid-20140927_120331.jpg

I could of literally spent my whole months wages in there but chose these, we had also been to the hop hideout and treated ourselves to a few international beers and some proper beer glasses.

My absolute weakness is cheese so I chose some Coverdale, which I have been in love with since I had some at the Wendsledale cheese factory. I also chose some Olde York a creamy ewes milk cheese and a Ribblesdale Goats Parmesan which I can’t wait to try. To go with it I selected some chutneys & pickles and some lovely looking cheese biscuits. I also picked up some Pontact which I had never seen before, it’s a fruity spicy sauce to enhance the flavour of sauces and stews. And I just couldn’t resist the pork pie with Chorizo and fire roasted red pepper, mmm tasty. I’m such a sucker for pork pies.


Bruges: My chocolate and beer heaven

After visiting Bruges last month, a very appreciated birthday present from my parents, im still mesmerised by the beer, frites, chocolate and waffles. It’s left me with a taste for more (my mouth is watering at just the thought).

After arriving and having all the faf of finding the hotel (apparently I’m not the best map reader) we were starving and set out to find lunch. We ate at one of the many restaurants in the main Markt square, I’d normally go for something a bit more ‘off the beaten track’ but as we were only there for a couple of days I felt we should have the full feel. It was club sandwiches all round which to be honest were not great for the 14euro price tag but they filled a hole and the view of the bell tower was worth it.

image image image image

Next, my favourite part one word: beer. We tried a few places but for a day beer a definite try is the duvel cafe which is just upstairs in the museum on the main Markt square. The duvel is reasonable and the surroundings are amazing, the outside area looks right over the square. Great for me as I could partake in my favourite activity, people watching.

Looking around I had definite beer envy of other drinkers beer tasting boards. We just had to come back the next day to have one ourselves which definitely did not disappoint.


Then came the waffles, well you can’t come to Belgium and not have a one. We had one topped with caramel and one with chocolate and cream which we shared. Oh my christ, they were amazing.

In the evening we ate just off the square; after much indecisiveness between the Bruges beef stew in pale ale and mussles in white wine sauce I decided on the mussles. Looking round and seeing everyone gorging on these giant saucepans full of them I couldn’t miss out. And I didn’t, I ate nearly all of them (which was a lot) and left very satisfied. The boyfriend went for steak (for a change) which was also a delight.


We had after dinner mojitos the craving for beer set in and we set off on a beer mission, well when in belgium. After, traipsing round in search for a typical beer cafe my boyfriend noticed by chance a place down a side street. The pub- the place to be were offering over 100 beers, we were in. Were chose about 6 different beers between us throughout the night and shared all. The favourites were pajais and mango beer, which I’ll be trying to track down at home.


With bellies full of beer I only had one thing in mind, frites and that was it my heart was set on it. We visited a frites shop which look like your typical fast food place but that it wasn’t. For one everything was made to order which was just making me hungry and impatient!! But we waited and can I say, it was well worth it. My food highlight of the whole weekend!

The next day was home time, gutted. After another day of beer and frites (yes, round 2) there was only more thing to do, chocolate shopping. There was only one thing, I didnt bloody buy enough.


So there it is my little foodie trip of bruges. It is definitely one of the most amazing places I have ever been I recommend everyone to go, I can’t wait to go back. It has left my craving more. I need to find beer, frites, chocolate and waffles this good at home!

Oh and just a couple of pictures from our canal tour, a definite must.


My new discovery… Shipyard IPA

Ever since visiting Bruges last month (I’ll tell you all about it soon), I have changed from just loving beer to having a slight obsession. I can’t get enough. I’m constantly on the lookout for new beers to try at any opportunity and saw this American craft beef earlier from…. Home bargains. Well I must say, this beer just did it for me pale, semi strong (5.8%) and full of flavour without being to overpowering. I’ll definitely be giving this another go.


Eating Out: The Common Room

I was very wrong in thinking that The Common Room on Devonshire Street, Sheffield was just a pool hall, it is in fact home to some of the best American food and Cocktails I have ever had.

After a long week at work all I wanted on a Friday was a couple of drinks (or maybe a few) and some good food so headed to my favourite street and it did not disappoint.


What to eat: As I am one. very indecisive and two. like to have a bit of everything we chose a mixture of starters/ sides and sharers. Pulled pork and burnt ends were good, you can definitely taste the benefit of the in-house smokers but I must say the stars of the show were the mac & cheese and shredded beef philly cheese topped fries. The cheesyness of the sauce was just amazing (as a cheese fanatic myself this is a must!) and the fries were just what I needed.

What to drink: The evening was started with a pint of local ‘guest ale’ which never fails to hit the spot. Then after dinner it was time for dessert cocktails, a mojito never fails then it was gin time with a Gin Ting which was like nothing I’d ever had before with ginger beer and lemongrass, wow. Needless to say after these I was on happy (and very full) bunny.

When eating here make sure you sit in the bar area ‘booths’ the atmosphere is spot on and as the night gets later you get a laugh from the wobbly after work drinkers. I also must say I was very impressed with the condiment offering, alongside the Hendersons (seeing this always makes me a happy girl) there was also offerings of favoured BBQ Sauces which I’m pretty certain were homemade. I lathered my food in Chipotle BBQ sauce which had all the flavour of the chipotle and a slight heat, winner!!

If you like good American food or just want a decent drink (or both in my case) I would definitely recommended coming here, I’ve been a couple of times now and was very impressed.