My new discovery… Shipyard IPA

Ever since visiting Bruges last month (I’ll tell you all about it soon), I have changed from just loving beer to having a slight obsession. I can’t get enough. I’m constantly on the lookout for new beers to try at any opportunity and saw this American craft beef earlier from…. Home bargains. Well I must say, this beer just did it for me pale, semi strong (5.8%) and full of flavour without being to overpowering. I’ll definitely be giving this another go.


Yorkshire Gin Ice Cream. Now you’re talking

I was absolutely ecstatic this week to read that 3 North Yorkshire businesses had worked together to combine 2 of my favourite things, gin (in fact this is more than likely my most favourite thing, ever!) and ice cream! Wow.

SLOEmotion, Brymor Dairy and Hunters of Helmsley have come up with the worlds first sloe gin truffle ice cream. The ice cream is made using milk from Guernsey cows and rippled with sloe fruit ganache spiked with gin and dark chocolate chips, all locally sourced. I need need need to try this!! It’s available this summer at Hunters deli. Race you there.

image image


Hello August

Well the sun is shining here in Yorkshire (well it is at the moment guaranteed that in the next 5 minutes the heavens will open) and I’m enjoying the delights that this month has to offer.


Fresh flavours are in prime season such as Tomatoes and Basil, which I have been enjoying in simple Tomato & Mozzarella Salads and homemade Salsas.


Plums which are great fresh or in cakes and tarts, I made a great Plum and Hazelnut cake last week (recipe will be shared in the near future) which went down a treat with a piping hot brew.


And Crabs and Lobsters enjoyed fresh from the sea on coastal breaks especially great in Cornwall and Jersey. Also, it’s great to see that ice cream is bang on trend at the moment with an influx of crazy flavours over in the US such as Indian Pale Ale and Sriracha Popcorn. While over here the innovation lies in the making, in June I travelled down to Taste of London festival where Custom Creams were showcasing their new way of making our favourite frozen treat. They inject fresh cream, plus your choice of flavour, with Liquid Nitrogen to make the ice cream instantly right in front of you using a device that looks like a cross between a Kitchen Aid and something you would have seen in your science lesson back at school, just brilliant.

Well that’s the first post complete, lets see where the journey takes us.